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Facilitator Network Conference Call Recording

The Facilitator Network Conference Call from 8/22/2013 is now archived in our library or you can listen to it at the link below. We also have it archived on the Facilitator page under "Training Audios and Videos." read more

GracePlace Goes Mobile!

I am thrilled to inform you that GracePlace is now accessible in a friendly, intuitive format for mobile browsers. GracePlace members will be automatically directed to the mobile website when accessing our GracePlace website from a mobile browser.... read more


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Feast of St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Priest and Martyr

“What is it that today makes true followers of Christ cast luxuries aside, leave pleasure behind, and endure difficulties and pain? It is living faith that expresses itself through love. It is this that makes us put aside the goods … Read the rest...

Women of Grace®: Helping Our Sisters Heal

It happened when she least expected it, while flipping through the channels and coming across Johnnette Benkovic’s Women of Grace® show on EWTN, that aspiring Indy pop star Kira Leyden learned that birth control pills can cause abortion. Horrified at … Read the rest...

CA Wants to Ban Boy Scouts from the Bench

In a stunning display of overt judicial activism, the California Supreme Court Advisory Committee is proposing to classify the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) as practicing “invidious discrimination” against gays in order to prohibit anyone affiliated with the group from … Read the rest...

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    Love Letter from God

    Coffee Talk - Open Forum

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GZSbeTLIIQ How beautiful! Everyone has a day when they really need to read th...

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    Facilitator guide for Grace Filled Moments

    Facilitator Community & Resources

    Does anyone have a facilitator guide for Grace Filled Moments? At my church, Holy Name of Jesus, in Harrisburg PA, we...

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    Maturing my faith in the muck pile

    As I looked at the mountain of manure that needed to be moved by hand - in other words ME-after the never ending winter,...


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